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Sherrin Australian FootballsThe history of our primary product Sherrin Australian Rules footballs, is long and distinguished. Sherrin was founded in 1880 by Thomas William Sherrin, so important this is still today to the company, the name T.W Sherrin remains on all Sherrin footballs.

The first Sherrin factory was opened during 1879 in Collingwood just a few miles north of Melbourne Australia. After nearly a hundred years in the control of the Sherrin family the company was sold in 1972 to Spalding Australia. Later in 2003 Spalding was bought by the Russell Athletic Corporation. Although 139 years on, Sherrin still makes Australian Rules footballs by hand in much the same way from a factory located in Scoresby just east of Melbourne, Victoria.

There are known to be 23 steps in the process to make the signature Kangaroo Brand Sherrin Australian Rules football that are used today by many AFL leagues around the world. All leather Kangaroo Brand footballs used for all AFL games are still handmade in Melbourne.

The Sherrin Aussie Rules Football like most things Australian has gathered many nicknames over the years such as The Pill, The Nut, The T.W, The Cherry, The Agat and The Pigskin. Sherrin Australian Footballs remain the official ball of the elite competition in Australia, the AFL-

One of Sherrin's marketing slogans has been over the years. "If it’s not a Sherrin, it’s just not football"

We here at Play Aussie USA now often use the hashtag #itsgottabeasherrin. Try it yourself and see if you can find us, use it and we will certainly find you. So if you are thinking where can I buy a Sherrin in the USA, well you found us.

Photo courtesy Sherrin Australia