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Note: We are a USA based Aussie Expat owned co, supporting the growth of Aussie Rules Football across the USA. Shipping is 2-3 days from here in NW Georgia.

Footy 5000 USANow you know where to buy a Sherrin Football in the USA it is time to play or just have a kick with friends. Play Aussie USA supports a new group called Footy 5000 which is aimed at bringing the game of 'footy' to anyone, anywhere, anyhow. Visit to find out more and be a footy hero and Start Something Footy!

You can also play Australian Rules Football with teams near to you here in the USA and many teams have both Men's & Women's teams. To get you started many clubs also have social co-ed non tackle versions of the game, meaning you can jump right in fast, learn the fundamentals of the game, without having to worry about contact, tackling or even the need for cleats.

Teams around the country where you can play non tackle footy that can be often called Social Footy or Ausball in many locations are,



The larger game of Australian Rules Football, are games played by 35 organized USAFL clubs around the country. And if there is one close to you that could be your ticket to playing. You can find out more info on the league website

Check the map, hover over a state or click on it to bring up info about the teams with links to their websites.

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USAFL teams