Australian Rules Football Sizes

We get many visitors to this page from Australia, thanks for coming over to the USA to find out about Sherrins, haha.

Sherrin Australian Rules Footballs come in various sizes of course to suit the players that are playing. A standard numbering system from 5 down to 1 is used to signify the size for each age group of players as you can read below. Quality footballs like Sherrins vary in size only minimally during their lifetime due to general playing use or exposure to weather. We have seen a Sherrin that is over ten years old still being used in a game in the USA. Sherrins, are what everyone including the competition compare a ball to.

Size 5: This is a full size Australian Rules Football. Size 5 balls are used by males from the age of 15 and up. There is no difference in size of a ball used by 15 year old male players to one used by the elite AFL players. Size 5 is the largest Australian Rules football and standard for all USA men's games.

Size 4: Women AFL players now use size 4 footballs, for all players 14 years and older. Size 4 is also used by male players for the 14 to 15 year age group.

Size 3: Both males and females from 12-13 years of age use the size 3 Australian Rules footballs.

Size 2: This size is generally suitable for males and females from 9-11 years of age for footy greatness.

Size 1: The smallest of the standard range of football sizes for Australian Rules Football are size 1 balls, and designed for males and females that are 5-8 years of age. This is the size the AFL itself uses for their Auskick programs right around Australia.

Kids Sherrin Footballs

The Kids Sherrins we stock are called 'Soft Touch' footballs and very easy on the hands and feet to mark, handball and kick. They come in three sizes 3, 1 and mini. They are generally are similar to the size 3, 1 of the leather and synthetic balls, but they do vary slightly.

They are though great gifts for kids just starting out or for school events. They are very soft and provide that added safety for the little ones in our lives that want a real Australian Rules Sherrin.

So here at Play Aussie we have the most Sherrin Footballs for sale in the USA. We continue to add to our inventory of Aussie Rules Footballs as we know everyone deserves a choice of the Sherrin they want to buy for themselves, or someone they know as a gift.

If you don't see the Sherrin Football on our website that you might want, drop us a line and we will do our best to get a few in.

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