Our Mission

And a vision to go far beyond now

Our Mission

Play Aussie USA has one main mission, to facilitate the growth of the game of Australian Rules Football across the USA.

It is our WHY.

We shall achieve this by;
Aggressively assisting the development of all facets of the game of Australian Rules Football in the USA through continuous philanthropic activity and program assistance.

Continually striving to maintain a quality focus and the highest standards in ethics for all business activities, whilst deploying sustainable development strategies for the long term success of our mission.

roviding access to the highest quality products for leagues, clubs, teams and consumers, at reasonable prices, we are commited to the sports development & growth long term.

Our Vision

Our vision for Play Aussie USA is wide and always focused on the very long term, nurturing growth of Australian Rules Football across the USA whilst solidifying the company as the #1 provider, retailer and importer of Australian Rules Football products.

This vision sees the game expanding into every corner of the USA in both major and importantly smaller regional cities where tens of thousands of Americans can enjoy the fun, excitement and health benefits of participating in Australian Rules Football activities.

We are believers of "The Infinite Game", there is no end, just further advances towards out 'Our Mission'.

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Play Aussie USA - est. 2018