Play Aussie USA is fully committed to supporting the growth of Australian Rules Football across the entire USA.

Over the past 4 years Play Aussie USA has assisted in the growth of Aussie Rules football to the tune of $10,000 in product donations and real funds. We have completed this in many different ways, from sponsoring the USAFL itself with direct sponsorship funds and Sherrin footballs for contests, sponsoring clubs and their activities, providing products at no charge for club special event fundraising, even right down to supplying a new forming club with goal posts and footballs so they can commence mini games and begin building their footy organization.

We have also provided clubs with significant discounts through our partner relationships. One example of this would be custom footballs where at retail prices one club saved over $3000 on what a retail purchase would have been. These opportunities to save clubs much needed funds come with no provisos. We just believe it is the right thing to do to assist the USAFL clubs and the games growth.

We do not ask for anything in return for discounts on goods, where that is the only thing we can provide as part of the agreement. If organizations would like to recognize us for the effort, that is great, but it is not conditional.

We see true 'sponsorship' as funds or goods going to organizations to further the growth of the sport of Aussie Rules football at no cost to the them, so they can fully benefit. So if your club, team or football project would enjoy sponsorship critical for the success of your organization, then just reach out with a proposal and we will do our best to make it happen.


As you can read in our Mission & Vision Statements, we have a strong passion for grass roots development of Aussie Rules Football in the USA. This is the future of the sport and where we feel our support efforts for the sport will have the most impact long term.

Grass roots development can mean many things to many different people, however we coat it with a broad brush. It could mean a small group gathering for a kick on a Sunday, a new team formation, a social league project or a school presentation and demonstration.

If you have a passion to grow Aussie Rules football, to educate people about the game and it's benefits, then let us know about your project and what support you might need to make it a success.

Play Aussie USA - est. 2018