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Frequently Asked Questions

Correct inflation of footballs

It is critical you do no over inflate a football. Sherrin footballs come with a maintenance guide and inflation directions in Psi. (All balls show, Kpa's most show 69 kpa's which is equal to 10 lbs PSI) Importantly, over-inflation is the prime reason balls do not last, especially for synthetic balls. Synthetic Aussie Rules footballs should never be left in direct sunlight or in car where they are exposed to sunlight or excessive heat or even consistent variable temperatures.

We test re-inflate all Sherrin Kangaroo Brand leather and Match footballs before partially deflating for shipping. This ensures the bladder inside the ball is correctly positioned evenly inside the ball. Other leather and synthetic balls do not undergo this step, however, if your ball looks out of shape after inflation we suggest half deflating then squeezing the ball to re-position the bladder evenly.

Shipping of all footballs

Due to shipping and possibly air travel, all Sherrin footballs are shipped uninflated or at least partially uninflated. This is a hard and fast rule. Please ensure you have an inflation pump or add one to your order here. You can request a ball is inflated prior to shipping, however, you are voiding any guarantee the ball will be usable on arrival or anytime in the future.

What size is the standard Sherrin Aussie Rules Football and what is it made of?

The Official Australian Football League Game ball used by the AFL and all 18 AFL clubs is a size 5. The Official AFL Game ball & 'Sherrin Kangaroo Brand footballs', the KBs, both size 5 & 4, are made from Australian high-grade cowhide leather. The Match range of balls are also made of Australian cowhide leather but are a sewn overseas.

Im buying for my child what size Sherrin do you recommend?

Play Aussie's Sherrin size guide below allows you to check the correct size AFL football for your child. We can not emphasize enough how important it is for you to buy the right size AFL ball for the age they are now. It is not about if they can kick the ball, it is about how their hands fit the right sized ball. Please do not buy a slightly oversize ball for a child "to grow into". Honestly, don't, the control of the ball in their hands is the most critical part of learning to kick and cath the ball well.

Aussie Football Size Recommended Age Group
Size 5 15 years and over (Full size)
Size 4 Adult Women & Boys 14 to 15 years
Size 3 12 to 13 years
Size 2 9 to 11 years
Size 1 5 to 8 years (Auskick Size)

The soft touch PVC footballs now come in Size 3, Size 1 and Mini sizes. Mini sizes are for kids under 5 but are really good fun in the house. ;)

Ordering & Apparel

What if the Aussie Rules Football I want isn't displayed on the website?

We only display our current Sherrin footballs for sale on our website or those that are pending arrival from Australia. However if you have a special request for a particular ball your see on the Sherrin.com.au website please contact us. We are the only approved USA based supplier of Sherrin footballs, so be careful buying on other sites like EBay etc.

Can I exchange an AFL guernsey or polo if it doesn't fit.?

Yes sure, no worries. For a single use, eg. try it on and it is too big or too small, ship it back to us and we will ship you another size. If we do not have another size, we will issue you a credit to be used later, eg store cash.

Do you take phone orders?

Yes, we welcome calls for footballs during business hours 9-5pm EST USA time if you would like to order that way.

What payment types does Play Aussie accept?

Play Aussie USA accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal via the Square E-Commerce network. We also accept checks, however Sherrin footballs will not be shipped till after our bank clears your funds. We have recently added Venmo payments, so contact us if you would like to use Venmo.

Is it safe to use my credit card on PlayAussie.com?

Yes, buying on Play Aussie.com is safe and secure. Transactions are processed through the secure Square Payment Gateway by Square or with Paypal. Also our website uses SSL protection for all website data transfers and cardholder data transactions. We also ensure our website operation is compliant or exceeds industry security standards.

What happens if I see multiple charges to my credit card?

Please contact us immediately. Chances are we will see the irregularity before you do and be in contact to remedy the situation.

How do I use a Coupon Code on PlayAussie.com?

You must enter the coupon code in the 'coupon code' box at the shopping cart stage of your checkout and click 'apply'. The activation of the coupon will then be visible in your shopping cart total.

Can I change my Sherrin football order?

Yes of course, if the order has not shipped. Please contact us by email or txt or call 404 617 2311 as quick as possible to change an order, as we ship often the same day or at the latest the next business day.

Do you supply a tracking number?

Yes as we now currently ship using UPS and only sometimes USPS, a tracking # is assigned to the order as soon as the order ships. You will receive an email with this information. If you cant find that email or have another question about tracking please email us.

Can I cancel an order?

Sure, we are happy to give you a full credit if the ball has not shipped. Remember you must cancel an order before it ships otherwise some minor expenses may be incurred.

Pricing & Returns

I have seen Sherrin footballs on other websites like EBay, do you price match?

We do attempt at offering products at the best possible prices to USA Australian Football lovers and this one reason we started our company, but we can not match other offers you might find. Just be assured that our Sherrin Footballs are coming directly from Sherrin Australia in Melbourne Australia, and we are the sole supplier of the governing body of Australian Rules Football in the USA, the USAFL.

Do you accept returns?

Sherrin Australia and our other merchandise suppliers take great effort for quality, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will assist you with an exchange or refund. Footballs returned for exchange must be completed within 14 days of the original delivery date, in a same condition (unused, undamaged, and unmarked, with the tags if any still attached still in original condition). Returns and therefore refunds are considered void if the ball has been used in any way and if you have not contacted us prior.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns that were not purchased online at playaussie.com or at a location where we were selling our products

Who pays for shipping on a return?

Be advised that return or exchange postage and handling costs may be incurred by the purchaser depending on the circumstance. If an item is deemed faulty you will advised further on the steps forward. Play Aussie USA takes no responsibility for returns lost in transit to our location.


How much is your shipping?

Shipping is calculated according to weight and a flat rate across the entire USA. Most times shipping of a Sherrin to all USA cities will be between $8.45 to $11.45 for single ball orders. Shipping to Canada & the UK is now available, however all importing tariffs and or GST taxes are the resposnsibiity of the buyer.

Who do you use to ship AFL footballs?

We use 2-3 day UPS  primarily and USPS for shipments depending on a few vaiables, like location. Currently we try and ship the same day for orders before 4pm EST or next day whenever possible.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we are now shipping to Canada and the UK and will be adding other countries soon. If you are somewhere else please contact us as we can work out the shipping with your potential order and advise of shipping and other possible related costs. Any import duties & taxes are the responsibility of the customer at all times.


Do you offer specials or discounts?

Yes occasionally we do offer coupons for discounts and other promotions for Sherrins. Check our website or like us on Social Media to see our offers.

USA Australian Rules Football clubs should contact us for multiple football orders as we have a great deal for you.

Contacting Us

What are your contact details?

Our phone # is 404 617 2311 and are able to take your calls 9-5pm EST. Our email address is wayne@playaussie.com

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