Precision Footballs

The AFL recognized kicking as one of the most challenging skills to learn in Aussie Rules Football. So Sherrin partnered with AFL Premiership Coach of the Port Adelaide FC, Mark Williams, to develop the Sherrin Precision. The Precision ball (Synthetics) features a larger sweet spot on each end of the ball (red or yellow dots) which provide a larger area for the foot to connect with and a visual aid for the player to understand the ideal impact zone on their foot.

The balls also feature a yellow or red spin line designed to provide immediate feedback to the player. When a player connects successfully with the sweet spot of the ball, the Sherrin will continue on its desired flight path and spinning pattern to the target, giving instant visual feedback to the player and coaches.

The Sherrin Precision is for players and coaches at all levels, as well as educators and parents that are instructing the game. Play Aussie currently carries Size 4 and 5 Sherrin Precisions in Leather and Synthetic models, these are suitable for Men & Women 14 years and up.

With all Sherrin Precision balls you receive access to the full Sherrin Australia portal of videos and tips including watching how Dustin Martin of the Richmond Tigers helps demonstrate the use of the ball. Below are some helpful guides you will also find there to improve your kicking skills or those players you coach. The video below also from the Port Adelaide Football Club, shows how they use the ball in the development of players elite kicking skills.

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