Play Aussie USA Development Series

Play Aussie USA development series

Play Aussie USA will be investing in the future of the game by fully funding a series of Aussie Rules development games for potential new USAFL teams.

Over the past four years Play Aussie USA has invested heavily in the development of Aussie Rules football across the USA. Supplying funds and equipment so new teams can get established easier and drive forward their goals of playing this iconic game locally in their own chosen location.

The first of these development games will be in Chattanooga, Tennessee on August 27th and September 17th, where local players can increase their knowledge of the game and begin marketing to the local community. Other games are being organized and fully funded in Greenville SC, Charlotte NC, Wilmington NC and Huntsville AL.

The games are designed to be an introduction to new team players and their potential recruits and will be supported by current USAFL teams. As we move forward to 2023 we hope to see all these teams establish themselves as brand new USAFL teams. If you would like to join us, as we grow the game in new and especially smaller locations, reach out to us and lets talk and get things happening.

Play Aussie USA - est. 2018