Sherrin Precisions

Sherrin Precisions

We are now pleased to introduce the new Sherrin Precision Training Ball to our store for both Men and Women players, designed specially to assist players kicking skill development in Australian Rules Football.

"Kicking straight in AFL is difficult. Finally we have a ball that instantly helps parents, coaches and teachers to provide meaningful feedback to their player."
Mark Williams AFL Premiership Coach

Recognizing that kicking in AFL is one of the most challenging skills to learn, Sherrin has partnered exclusively with AFL Premiership Coach and PE Teacher Mark Williams, to launch Sherrin Precision. The brainchild of Mark Williams, the Precision concept features a larger sweet spot on each end of the Sherrin (red or yellow dots) which provides a greater area for the foot to connect with and a visual aid for the player to understand the ideal impact zone on their foot.

The product also features a red or orange spin line designed to provide immediate feedback to the player. When a player connects successfully with these sweet spots, the Sherrin will continue in the designated flight path and spinning pattern to hit the desired target.

The image shown demonstrates the differences of the Sherrin Precision football to a regular ball. You can see the spin line and sweet spot that enlists the concept inspired by the larger headed tennis racquet that was developed many years ago.

That larger head racquet offers a bigger sweet spot compared to a small headed tennis racquet. Similar technologies have been developed in cricket and golf. The beauty of a sweet spot is that it gives a player something to aim at and then the spin line confirms how successful their kick was. This provides motivation for the player to keep practicing and see their success.

Also with the purchase of the Sherrin Precision you gain access to the Precision Training Portal on the Sherrin website. The portal hosted by Mark Williams himself, provides instructional videos, feedback ideas and many tips and guides to help any player improve their kicking.

Currently here at Play Aussie we have both the Men's and Women's synthetic models of the Sherrin Precision in stock as we build our inventory to include all models for all players of all ages.


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